Traditional Korean palaces walking festival Introduction 양원종
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Date: June,2013(Memorial Day) 9am.~ 3pm.
Under the auspices of Ministry of Patriots and Veterans affairs, Cultural Heritage Administration,
Korea Tourism Organizaion this year, "love Country and palaces walkathon", which is organized by the Daily Focus, marked the 6th year festival. This event became the top 'one-day cultural festival' where you can share the history and traditional culture, which has been protected by the sacrifice and loyalty of patriots, with your loved ones, away from the complicated urban life on the Memorial Day.

The walkathon around Gyeongbokgung Palace, the royal palace of Joseon Dynasty; Changdeokgung Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage; and Changgyeonggung Palace, with the story of Yeongjo and Crown Prince Sado, will receive more attention and support as a festival where you can enjoy the beauty of the palaces and unique pleasure. 
Walking is a new, emerging cultural keyword of this era. In a time of constant competition, enjoy
the opportunity to take a relaxed walk, appreciate the architecture of old palaces, and look after your health as well.
We hope you will find the peace and unforgettable memory in life through the "love Country and
palaces walkathon", a walking festival that is based on both love for the traditional palace and cultural heritage and health in daily life, away from the insipid urban life.

For more information you could contact website.

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